Work tech has made working from home or remotely at a workspace, coworking spot, a cafe or any place that enables you to work possible. These tools can be particularly useful nowadays for remote working:     SaaS and cloud productivity software Software as a service lets subscribers use the […]

5 Great Tech Tools for Remote Working

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Kiosks and telehealth providing more options for patients but also doctors. At a supermarket recently I used a kiosk to check health indicators like blood pressure and body mass index to keep pulse on how I was doing healthwise. The higi kiosk, much like the one in this photo, was […]

How Telehealth is Opening Doors for Healthcare

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Here are our updated, best tips for working from home or remotely. Thanks also go to Carley Knobloch for her web suggestions. 1. Be organized: have a calendar of any calls, emails to do and a to-do list of key tasks to check off. You can, e.g., use the calendar […]

5 Tips for Work from Home or Remote Jobs

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Our team had been considering an offer for acquisition and we have finally decided on our user-friendly and searchable listing service being acquired and integrated. We’re still offering consulting, our blog and informational resources. The acquisition of the listing service will allow even more people to be served who are […]

What’s New and More Suggestions on Remote Working

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Guest post by Tim Stone, VP of EMEA Marketing at Polycom Does IBM’s recent “clampdown” on remote working spell the beginning of the end for flexible, anywhere working? Far from it, says new research from Polycom. In our global survey of 24,000+ workers, we found that not only is flexible […]

A Bright Future for Flexible Working

Relocating. How many of us actually enjoy moving when required, as by HR to relocate? There’s even a moving site on the web that contemplates why people hate moving. We point this out just to illustrate the costs of relocation to employees as well as employers. “It might sound strange, […]

Cost of Living & Commuting – Why Your Employees Aren’t…