5 Great Tech Tools for Remote Working

Work tech has made working from home or remotely at a workspace, coworking spot, a cafe or any place that enables you to work possible. These tools can be particularly useful nowadays for remote working:
SaaS and cloud productivity software
Software as a service lets subscribers use the latest version and features of productivity and other software. As an on-demand service, you can design a graphic on Adobe Creative Cloud, for instance, that you need for a sign or presentation. Microsoft Office 365 also lets users pay on a monthly basis. You can use the software across multiple devices, such as a laptop, tablet and mobile phone, with the option to store files on its OneDrive.
Office 365
Microsoft at a recent technology conference noted that as many as two-thirds of its business Office users will be using Office 365 by next year or 2019.
Voice and video chat
Whether you use Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime or other apps, they are great for making a more personal connection than an email or message. They can also reduce calling or travel costs. In terms of video collaboration, a survey by Polycom found that the top two benefits for business users are increased efficiency and productivity, followed by increased impact of discussions.
video chat
Screen sharing
Did you know that remote working means you can still show something on a computer screen easily? Screen sharing is built into more and more applications. You can be conversing with a sales or partner prospect, for example, and demonstrate a feature from your computer. Or, helpful for onboarding and training, show something on your screen to a colleague. Here’s a screen view by join.me:
Project management apps
You can manage a team remotely and do you own work. Apps that help you manage or complete work in a team are available for your laptop and for mobile devices. Here’s a main view of the Basecamp app showing project teams and what they are responsible for.
remote project management
In this screen of the Trello app, you can track work, projects and their status, go to make comments and sync status across your devices.
digital or remote project management
Digital timelines and workflow
Other tools that let you visualize all the work that needs to be done include timelines and workflow automation. Timelines are built into many project management apps and they’re also part of automated workflow tools. LeanKit, for example, can automate work handoffs between team members, making coordinating easier for teams such as in product development, with many facets or details. Each person sees the same, real-time project or process information. The software can also provide predictability metrics based on work completed before to estimate completion times. This can be helpful to customers or clients as well as the team in prioritizing its current work.


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