Amy Hoak on Preventing the “Office Bod”

Ever get that tired shoulders feeling when sitting all day? Ironic that sitting can actually make us more tired than we’d think. Amy Hoak of MarketWatch wrote an interesting piece on why it can be so unhealthy to sit behind a desk all day.

As for the shoulders, “Over time, your neck, head and shoulders can begin to hunch forward, moving your spine out of alignment…” celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak told her.

The American Heart Association suggests using some coffee breaks to take five to 10-minute walks. That’s actually good advice not only for the office but anyone who works at a desk.


jog8 photo


Taking the time to go for a walk, jog or other exercise also makes for a social activity after work with a co-worker or even client, friend or family member.

Considering as pointed out by First Lady Michelle Obama’s program, Let’s Move, that some kids spend an average of 7.5 hours a day with entertainment media and devices getting outside with the kids can be mutually beneficial.

Also gaining in popularity: treadmill desks or sit/stand desks that enable workers to stand for periods while working.

And recently, Target stores announced giving employees free or discounted digital activity counters in part to improve employee fitness and reduce healthcare costs. It’s just one of the ways many of us are becoming more health-aware about work.