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Dear friends –

I sat in the airport awaiting my flight, recalling the moments of a wonderful trip. There in Europe, I wanted to stay longer by working remotely and catch a flight from Frankfurt to Florence or Rome to experience more for a few days. It would also avoid arranging another round-trip for a brief visit. But I had to get back.

Back in Washington, after a rough a.m. commute, I realized I could do good work – and be as productive at home or working from anywhere. It would also give me the most flexibility to visit my mom, who had a chronic medical condition that had worsened.

I explored options and talked or met with many people. I began working from anywhere in my communications work, then advised others on opportunities and approaches so they too could spend more time with loved ones and have greater choice in how they work.

From this and my desire to help create more opportunities, my team and I developed this jobs & career site with most-flexible jobs and insights. Working remotely increasingly makes sense given traffic and transit congestion, need for infrastructure maintenance, to increase work opportunities or balance work-life.

We’ve taken a lot of care in creating the site; I hope you’ll decide to make use of the listing and resources on here.

It gives me a ton of inspiration to know that what we’ve done, and continue to do, is helpful to you.

Enjoy your work! Best regards,


Ivan Howard Chan, founder, with thanks to
Emily Gallagher, Allison Porter and our team for their research assistance and site operation.

Special thank you’s also to:

Our consultants, Kacie Bauzon and Holly Reil

Kacie Bauzon - AW Consultant    Holly Reil - AW Consultant

Kacie and Holly are consultants extraordinaire, moms and part of our team offering advising services to businesses and organizations seeking to craft or implement broader workplace policies and processes on working from home or anywhere. Kacie had worked in marketing management and e-learning at 3M, a Fortune 100 company. Holly was an analyst for the U.S. GAO office in D.C. and before that assisted production at CNN.


About Ivan

Ivan Howard Chan, Founder & CEO -

Ivan is Founder and CEO of the jobs & career site,, with most-flexible jobs and opportunities. He also manages the blog on the site, with news and features on the world of remote work, and hosts the #workanywhere chat with special guests on Twitter.


He began his career as an assistant, then manager and director in communications primarily working in corporate environments, before seeking more moments with loved ones and better overall balance. He has had experience in the public, nonprofit and private sectors.


skylineIvan has advised or spoken on why a mobile-ready workforce is key today for businesses and organizations; remote work policies; flexible job arrangements, opportunities and entrepreneurship.


He has his BA from the University of Chicago, JD from the University of Pennsylvania and certificate in administration and management from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, including HR management. He is a native of Boston. He spends part of the year now in the Rockies or travelling, diving into his artistic side with cooking and travel photography, and enjoys good coffee.


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