Many of Us Spend 2,520 Minutes Doing This

That’s more than some workers have for paid time off.

Yet, despite the availability of technology and growing variety of jobs offering teleworking, the average time spent in traffic in the US alone is about 42 hours or two weeks of work yearly.

What would you do with 2,520 MinutesAccording to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, this equates to about $960 spent in time and fuel per rush-hour commuter or $160 billion across the nation.

If it sounds bad, it’s worse when you think of how we could spend that extra 2,520 minutes.

Already, 56 percent of working parents say it’s difficult to balance their work and family, noted the Pew Research Center, and 429 million vacation and personal days were left unused in a year.

All this takes a toll on productivity, let alone health and well-being. Nearly 75 percent of teleworkers reported better work-life balance and 69 percent reported a less stressed day, in a survey by Staples (more stats here).

Some good news? Twenty-two percent of employers surveyed by the US-based Society for Human Resource Management offer telecommuting on a full-time basis as of 2015, a slight increase from previous years, and our site lists most-flexible jobs out there.

Starbucks wireless Powermat charging

It can make more sense to work at a cafe nearby, like this Starbucks with Powermat wireless charging.

Those of us supporting the option to work from home or remotely have much to do so the practice gains more traction, but affordable, collaborative tools are available now to manage work. Our team, in addition to connecting people with jobs and opportunities, advises businesses and organizations on remote work including developing organizational culture with remote employees. You can learn more here, or find work at home or remote jobs.