Most Desired Home Feature… Kitchen or Bath?

For some chasing down a new home – it may well be a home office or workspace. That doesn’t necessarily mean an entirely new home office. It can be a room or quieter area of the home with desk space, good lighting and convenient wall outlets, such as for internet and phone.

Realtor Magazine has observed that office/den space is in demand, but some builders are now putting it closer to the living area, near the kitchen or a family room.

That may be because it’s nice to take a snack break, but also workspace is now a feature to really highlight in a home – whether a house, condominium or apartment.
on home office space


The kitchen could also be an opportunity to add casual workspace, as in this photo above of a transitional kitchen, with island and seating.

But it’s not just in the US that home office space is in demand. In the UK, for instance, some homes on the market are featuring garden rooms with space to work, which can be a do-it-yourself/DIY. Here’s one from a builder of garden rooms.
garden home office space


Moreover, in a survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting of Irvine, CA, 77% of people said that any additional rooms not dedicated as bedrooms would be used as an office in their next home – the most popular response.

“That office or desk space is becoming as essential as the family room,” Mollie Carmichael, who leads the consumer research team, said, and that applies to small homes as well as large ones. You can learn more about work from home – or anywhere opportunities here.