5 Tips for Work from Home or Remote Jobs

Here are our best tips for working from home or remotely. Got another suggestion for us? Send us a note here and we may feature it.

1. Be organized: have a calendar of any calls, emails to do and a to-do list of key tasks to check off. You can, e.g., use the calendar tools on your computer or email program that you can access anywhere. Also provide periodic updates to your team or supervisor on your work and progress.

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2. Be prepared: view any work from home or remote work requirements for a job; they may be basic and some employers provide a laptop or other tech.

If you’ll be doing work mostly online, be sure your internet connection is reliable and fast enough for you to be efficient, such as for internet chats or easy-to-use project management with Skype, Hangouts or Basecamp. If you use wi-fi and are experiencing a slow connection, Carley Knobloch gives some reasons.


3. Be ready: talk with any loved ones or room/housemates about your needs working from home or remotely, like having undisturbed time for calls and a space where you can also work comfortably. If you’re a parent, have the number to a friend, relative or sitter available should you need one.

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4. Take breaks: rest your eyes, take a walk, or refill a beverage… just some examples of how breaks help reduce strain from working nonstop and can help you with that aha moment. Have you ever experienced that? We have! Or see this article in The Atlantic.


5. Consider an out-of-home space to work or for a break sometimes: even if you work from home all the time, consider taking a lunch break outside or at a neighborhood restaurant now and then; it can be a refreshing change of pace. You may like working from a cafe or workspace at times, or meet up with a friend after work for a happy hour, fitness class or another activity you enjoy.


Our team works remotely.

Everyone on our team works remotely. We love remote work for different reasons but among our common reasons are saving time, reducing unnecessary commuting, having more time or the space to concentrate and get our work done.

Remote jobs are as rewarding professionally because not only do we have better work-life balance this way, we can communicate with each other remotely, such as through conference calling, and can meet up from time to time. For collaborative projects, we can use project management tools mentioned above with built-in timelines, etc.
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Working from anywhere, we’re able also to take an extended weekend when we need it for better scheduling, work from a hotel, Airbnb or extended stay accommodation with reliable wi-fi, and have flexibility if family or relatives necessitate a move. Being able to live anywhere that best suits ourselves or our families, personal finances, and other interests or needs is a huge perk of being able to work from anywhere.

The reason we offer a most-flexible jobs listing for full-time and part-time jobs is to help others who seek remote jobs with greater workplace flexibility. Working from home, remote work or working from anywhere have made a difference in our work-life balance and saved our team valuable time each day.
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Why remote work can help your team too.

If you’re a business or organization, you can list jobs at our site to reach job candidates seeking greater workplace flexibility in a variety of fields and industries – or get in touch with us if you need assistance in planning or implementing more workplace flexibility, such as developing organizational culture with remote coworkers.

Even if you have an employee wellness program or initiative, offering greater workplace choice can help make work more sustainable for your employees as well as the environment. Thus, your remote, telecommuting jobs or work anywhere jobs can be a tie-in with corporate social responsibility, CSR or sustainability efforts.

You can also improve employee satisfaction by saving employees time and money from any unnecessary commutes on work days, help improve employee engagement through work-life balance so everyone can better focus on their jobs – and help your employees lead fulfilling lives at work.
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