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As we listen to news updates on TuneIn web radio broadcasts, we think back to how challenging the past few weeks have been for the world and for humanity. It sometimes seems as though each broadcast brings more challenges.

While hatred and malice exist in the world, what gives us hope are indeed great cities like Barcelona and the good and spirit of humanity that built them.

panorama of Barcelona

panorama of Barcelona from Parc Güell

Visiting Parc Güell in Barcelona, I captured this panorama of the city and still find it amazing each time I see it. It’s not only the view, but what people are able to create and establish together.

If you haven’t visited the park, with its gardens and designs by architect Antoni Gaudí from Catalonia, Spain, plan on it sometime. The park is also among UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The spectacular, natural views from the park impart a sense of freedom and possibility. The city’s food also reflects the spirit of sharing and local resources, as in the regional plates of tapas and beautiful pans of paella at restaurants such as Bosque Palermo.

Looking at or experiencing the city reminds us of what’s possible when people come together to do good.

The city continues to build, and like all great cities, will continue to inspire us.

– Ivan


Parc Güell in Gràcia, Barcelona by B. Gagnon


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