What’s New and More Suggestions on Remote Working

website sectionOur team had been considering an offer for acquisition and we have finally decided on our user-friendly and searchable listing service being acquired and integrated. We’re still offering consulting, our blog and informational resources. The acquisition of the listing service will allow even more people to be served who are seeking remote jobs.

So for now, if you’re seeking a work opportunity we suggest looking at these resources, selected by our team for including different sectors and fields.

Idealist for nonprofit and international remote jobs as well as place-based opportunities

We Work Remotely for business and related fields including some work from anywhere jobs

If you seek a freelance or part-time opportunity, you can consider Upwork here.

If you’re currently in a job– and seeking more workplace flexibility to work from home or work remotely, we suggest thinking about your needs and your employer’s needs and whether you really need to be in the office or designated workplace. Can some or even all of the work be done from home or remotely from workspace or a flexible office.

– Jot down the key reasons and points you want to talk about with your employer. Consider how working from home or working remotely can help you save time or reduce stress to work more productively. You can also consider the stats here.

– Then schedule a time to talk with your manager or supervisor and really hear out any concerns he or she may have. You can suggest to try a remote work arrangement of one or two days a week to start. Be sure to summarize the arrangement in an email or memo for you and your boss for their convenience. This can also become the starting point for a flexible working policy at your business or organization.

– On days you’re working from home or remotely, provide brief updates on how work is progressing and work or project status. Depending on how much communication is preferred, you can provide a brief update by email or your workplace project management system at the start or end of the day, and schedule a weekly phone, video or in-person update to discuss current work or projects.

The future of flexible and anywhere working is bright, as in the recent blog post by our friends at Polycom, below.

And we’re excited that we’re adding more online resources for flexible and anywhere working to continue helping organizations and people work more flexibly.

61% of employers expect flexible working benefits to increase in importance for retention at all levels of the organization (2016 SHRM Strategic Benefits Survey)

remote jobs and work from home or anywhere

Much progress has taken place on flexible working, from more work options for employees beyond part-time or freelancing to full-time opportunities as well, to making use of strategic value from flexible working.

daily commute - commuting

Flexible working can reduce commuting and be part of CSR programs

Working remotely ultimately takes commitment by everybody in an organization and practice. The benefits of flexibility- such as reducing commutes, corporate social responsibility/CSR, better productivity and work-life balance, or the overall employee experience- make flexible or anywhere working worth it and valued.

Learn more about working remotely here.

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