Work Flexibility is Creating Innovation in Real Estate

As more people are able to work from home, remotely or anywhere, fields from HR – in offering better work-life balance and the employee experience – to real estate are innovating.

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One prominent example is WeWork in offering collaborative workspace and coworking spaces around the world. The enterprise has rented office space at selected locations, then offers memberships to those working remotely or needing out-of-home workspace.

Across the nation, restaurants and lounges that are empty for much of the afternoon are opening their doors for remote work. Startups in Washington, D.C. and New York City have emerged so that remote workers can easily find spots.

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An interesting perspective on what most affects employees at the modern workplace is proffered by a piece in Interior Architects, namely – autonomy, talent, experience with physical space, well-being, and innovation through collaboration. These factors are present now even in traditionally office-intensive fields within finance and fintech.

Collaborating with colleagues is possible through project management apps available on desktop and mobile devices, video chat and video conferencing. For example, Polycom has developed solutions for huddle rooms and workspaces so teams can conveniently collaborate working from home or remotely.
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Moreover, the commercial real estate company SquareFoot released in January results of a survey of businesses, covered by Bloomberg news. Fifty-seven percent of business owners and employees surveyed said that remote capabilities are very important; meanwhile, when ranking work benefits and perks against salary, a sizeable group of respondents, 42 percent, would take a lower-paying job if it offered greater degree of workplace flexibility.

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Yet flexibility is also bringing innovations to residential real estate, as we’ve written. Read our blog piece, Most Desired Home Feature… Kitchen or Bath, in here.